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Deva Tarika

Director of Taoist Japan a corporation aggregate 

 Universal Healing Tao

Certified Chi Nei Tsang Teacher
Certified Instructor

WuJi Gong Senior Teacher
Leader of the Goddess Gathering Trilogy  in Japan
Disciple of “closed door lineage disciple of Laoxie Christopher Lee Matsuo
Grandmaster of Dragon Gate sanctuary Honolulu, Hawaii
Wu family Wudang snake baguazhang: spiritual medical and martial qigong”
Hands-on Energy Healing, Flower Essence trainee at the Healing School in Japan
– studied for 8 years
Make-up Artist  for 25years
Aryuruvedic Yoga Massage Practioner

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My Story

I have extensively been studying qigong and Chi Nei Tsang(Abdominal Massage) under Master Mantak Chia at Universal Healing Tao in Thailand. I have also learned "Wu Family Wudang Snake Baguazhang: Spiritual Medical and Martial Qigong" from Grandmaster Christopher Lee Matsuo in Hawaii. 


To deepen my understanding in Tantra and Mediation, I am learning the Tantralife method under Radha C. Luglio in Italy. I have a strong belief that all women are to grow naturally and beautifully and should fully enjoy their lives with a high self esteem.  My lifework is to search the ways for supporting and guiding all women in such a way.  The birth giving female body portrays the mystery of the universe.As I studied Energy Healing for 8 years, I have been so fascinated bythis mystery of the human bodies and am determined to focus on“receiving the happiness of life” through all things that are existent.


 Classes/Workshops offered by Tarika....................... 

Goddess Gathering  Shakti (sexual energy)


creates everything in the universe. It is the power source of energy and fundamental feminine principles. We experience it in our own physical body: the moment when presence is united as one, conception and growth of the universe, the moment of the universe filled with the energy of love and bliss at the time of creation. 


* About the Egg Kung Fu The Egg Kung Fu


wakes up the energy of the red snake (Kundalini) which coils up at the perineal chakra. That powerful primal energy transforms into the Blue Shakti as the flame of love moving through, and become a spring of concentrated spiritual energy.

For our physical body, it restores our connection powerfully to all the vitals, organs and cells, and amplificate the energy of orgasm and joy. This Qi Gong method of sexuality has come down to us through thousands of years among the female taoists behind closed doors.


Because reviving the Shakti or sexual energy is such a powerful tool that brings back women's innate dynamic life force and the connection to a spring of concentrated spiritual energy which created the universe. People have been afraid of the sexual power because they considered it as a dragon that is uncontrollable by human will. However, it is impossible to ignore this power on the path of spiritual growth. It is as if you go out of your house without having the bottom half of your body! This method will realign us into the rhythm of the universe as we unite again with the life force, sending a breath of the new dimension to this living organism that divided as an individual in this modern age and is quietly losing its power. I dare say the female qualities of sweetness and gracefulness overflows when we tenderly embrace the mysteries of the universe. 


They say in Tao that we lose life force with menstruation or ejaculation. When we activate the pelvic floor muscles and the genital area (the first Chakra) using the traditional technique of the Egg Kung Fu of Tao. The senses and functions of our physical body that we tried not to feel, emotions we suppressed deep inside of ourselves, all of these things that we had locked away in a Pandora's box for a long time will flow out. You may think it is a bit challenging to have an acute awareness of those feelings. However, tears/laughter/lovingness/sadness/anger...any type of emotions or senses are all as beautiful as precious gems. Our physical body and the first Chakra is a container for the mighty Shakti energy. They need cleansing and fine adjustment to bring back healthy vitality. Working on this method helps you to fulfill your happiness and bring colorful fruits to this life! 


〜We can highly recommend the Egg Kung Fu to: -


Woman who desires to be happy physically and emotionally, as well as a psychological sense of satisfaction.- Woman who desires to live life fully in both everyday lives and in an affectionate relationship.- Woman who is fully aware of being on the path to improve her spirituality, and hoping to combine or harmonize together sexual desire and spiritual learning (e.g Meditation). 


WuJi Gong 〈Qi Gong practice〉


 In order to positively use the sexual energy as the creative source of energy, meditation and re-charging of the Chi is a must. Sexual energy is the mystery of the creation and the universe.It gives all adults and children alike a relaxed body, deep sleep, rejuvenation,calmness, self esteem, and the energy needed to move forward for tomorrow.


WuJi Gong integrates us with the universe. WuJi Gong’s mysterious and elegant moves originate back to the long history and tradition of Wu Tang Shan (Wudang Mountains) in China. The moves were originally created by Zhang Sanfeng of Wudang Mountain, and were secretly passed on for a long time as the Taoist way of training. The chi-gong’s moves which are simple and easy to learned by anyone are based on 12 basic forms. It is a moving meditation full of the Ancient East wisdom.It collects the secret chi from 5 directions acting as feng-sui, while powerfully cleansing yourself and its location in order to lead you to the tranquil yin world. It deeply integrates yourself with the universe, the earth, and the nature to give a magnificent grounding power within. 


By continuing WuJi Gong, the chi gets re-charged, the body energy (aura)and physical body gets flexible, and the center line within our being gets focused.The vitality needed in the modern busy lives and the courage to start a new life is naturally gained. Once one is able to take in the chi, he or she will be surprised of the differences in the health, in the body and mind function, in the job, in the family, and in other complex relationships with others by naturally growing their possibility to the maximum. The gentle move can be performed by anyone from small children to the elderly, while pregnant, and anyone with a chronic disease.WuJi Gong is recommended to those with depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, back pain, headaches, and chronic tiredness. If you are pregnant, need to gain power after giving birth, or feeling less energy as you get older, this is also recommended. Your whole family can benefit.  


Taoist Wisdom 〈2days workshop〉


 Both men and women will learn how to cultivate the energy source - tantian. Using the simple and beautiful WuJi Gong moves, the center line within our being is created. Our bodies are temples for the souls living on this earth. We will integrate our bodies with the vibration of the higher dimension in order to prepare ourselves to take on the true meanings and destinies of our souls.  On the second day, the female goddess group will move on to a new dimension of work after taking in the calmness and powerfulness gained by WuJi Gong on the first day.It is not only children women can create with their basic circulating energy!Love, sex, sacredness, laughter, harmony…. one with or without children, going through the menopause or not, let us support and celebrate each other’s existence. 


 In the past 2000 years, the sexual issues has always been the source of the dispute between “those with morals” and those who seek the truth behind it.In order to avoid the immature misinterpretation and its misuse, the ancient Taoists has kept its “Sexual Chi Gong” as a secret, and has taught it selectively. This secrecy has now been made open to the public by the modern Taoist grandmaster, Master Mantak Chia, and this wisdom has been spreading quietly in this suffocating modern world. 


This brought back sexual chi-gong practice is the movement of the universe. It brings back the powerful creative sexual energy, identifies the individual as one, gives the next life force to the living creatures that are losing power, re-connects to all life force, and re-creates our beings into the rhythm the universe plays.In Taoism, it is believed that men lose their life force energy through ejaculation and women through menstruation. For women, if she starts her menstruation at age 12, she will experience about 300 to 500 menstruations in her lifetime. With each menstruation,an ovary generates the necessary hormones for an ovulation, creates an egg within perfect energy for a life creation, and makes suitable environment in the uterus. However, implantation only occurs 1 or 2 times or 3 at the most in a woman’s lifetime.


The rest of the eggs with such potential mystery of the universe simply gets thrown away,and the orgasmic energy made by the love makings are also usually thrown to the universe.  In the female goddess group (women only group), we will learn how to preserve, increase, and re-circulate this unused energy by using the Taoist techniques of egg kung fu (the egg exercise), meditational breathing,and chi-gong.


These energies change spiritually in the higher dimensional sense during the process, and the evolution of our soul gets accelerated.  Sexual problems exists in the unconsciousness darkness. Some do it by shutting it off, giving it up, or taking in anybody in the indiscriminating way.


In order to transform our body and our sexual energy to a positive creative energy,we will need an on-going exercise and the other’s support within our own sex.  Let us celebrate that we are born as women, love and fulfill ourselves with a complete acceptance.Let us overcome the sense of inferiority or superiority, and share the hopes and dreams,the sources of our common human being and our fear.Once you integrate with the internal wealth of the goddess, Tao will show the way of the eternal.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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